IraOrder CD
Always with the Mouth (Sometimes with the Finger)
CD 2002 (SR105)

‘You found my love in a carnival ride, we leapt up and kissed the sky, like a big blue ball floating through an orange ferris peel.’ Lyrical images ring strangely familiar in the psyche and transport the listener to a land of sun-drenched afternoons (’Big Blue Ball’), urgent examinations of the human condition (’It’s a Shame’) and the smoky backroom of a Persian opium den (’Disappear’).

The songs, subject matters and tones vary, thus capturing the diverse paths journeyed down by this complex songwriter. Produced by fellow band member, John Would, ‘Always With the Mouth (Sometimes With the Finger)’ is an album full of rich material enhanced by the skillful blend of rock guitars, sitars, hypnotic beats by drummer, Amy Wood and soaring harmonies by Sally Semrad and others. Sgt. Pepper would surely be proud of this independent Stanley Recordings release. Check out the website for more details on Ira’s album and upcoming shows.

Heather McCulloug