Welcome to Stanley Recording Studios. We are a full service analog and digital recording studio. From tracking, mixing, editing, to mastering. We also feature cutting edge video/film editing and post production services.

Featuring a Neotek Series II Console, Studer 16 track 2″ tape machine. ProTools HD, Mac G5 with great selection of plugins. Awesome outboard gear including 1176, 6176, LA4, Dbx, Lexicon, Distressors & more. Great selection of mics; Neuman, Blue, Sennheizer, AKG, Audio Technica, Shure, Sony and more. Piles of vintage and new amps and instruments.

CBS – Swingtown HBO – True Blood SHOWTIME – Dexter
CW – Gossip Girl WB – Gilmore Girls WB – High School Reunion
Graham Parker Danny Allen Lucinda Williams
Fiona Apple Chuck E. Weiss Sony Pictures
Pierre de Beauport Tommy Stinson Billion Stars
Shark and the Smoke Visual Pocket Too Hip For the Room
Living Legends Dammit Jim Pictures Courtney Fairchild
Kiev Gary Eaton Aceyalone
Tom Freund Craving The Seamstress Aberfoyle Pictures
Arthur Lee & Love Royal Scam Records Alive Records
MTV Networks One Word Solution Rat Bat Blue
Epic Records Pressure The Breakup
Lee Ritenour Midway Dedicated Wreckers
This Love Machine Ira Homesick Abortions
The Allegory Index Political Suicide Dr Opp
TSR Records Dollyrots Advanced Order Systems
Quetzal Murs Get Set Go
SMAX Productions Scarab Petulla Pictures
Shark Grouch Musk Entertainment
Tortfeaser Which Ones Pink? Avenue Of The Sun
Clem Burke Purple Pictures Danny Harvey
50 Cent Haircut Service Group Katie Kaboom
AND Syndication Sally Semrad Baby Lemonade
Yortoise Chewy Marble Mike Randall
Susan James Very Cynthia Catania
BigLee Kelsey Wood The Jones
The Hooligans NBC – Starting Over Raney Shockney
Rick Mussalem Bunim/Murray Productions Lily Marlene
John Law Barnacle Gabrielle Morgan
Glass Numira Stevie Z.
Synergy Racing Brook Claman Better Off Dead
Elliot Easton Lucky I Am PSC North Green
Kash The Grown Ups Gar Robertson
Becca Shropshire For the Dogs Dave Chapple
Maude Maggart Molly Housen Rusty Squeezebox
North Green Mike Keneally Rayzor
James Combs Sensoria Media Eli
Tim Myer Voice Freequency Needs A Mate
Playboi Bomp Records Homocide Brocolli
Euphoria Productions Wild Colonials Mikah 9
Out of Focus Media Island Harvette